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Frequently Asked Questions

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What is the status of our products in the industry?

Our products are far ahead in the industry, we are determined to use 100% pure tungsten steel production, exclusive research and development of welding technology, reduce the occurrence of product u-turn.

What services does our product provide?

We provide sample testing, free logo laser printing, design packaging labels, different models of products accept customization.

Which countries do we export our products to?

We have customers from Europe, such as: Spain, Netherlands, Germany, Croatia, Romania, Lithuania, Poland and so on, and other South America and Southeast Asia. Our product are hot selling all over the world, and no feedback about head broken. Many clients repeated the order every month.

What are the uses of rotary file?

(1) Finish machining various metal mold cavities, such as shoe mold and so on.
(2) All kinds of metal and non-metal craft carving, craft gift carving.
(3) Clean the flash, burr and weld of casting, forging and welding parts, such as machine casting factory, shipyard, automobile factory, etc.
(4) Chamfering, rounding and groove processing of various mechanical parts, cleaning pipes, finishing the inner hole surface of mechanical parts, such as machinery factory, repair shop, etc.
(5) Polishing of impeller runner, such as automobile engine factory.