• Selection Guide for Tap Types

    As a common tool for processing internal threads, the tap can be divided into spiral groove tap, edge dip tap, straight groove tap and pipe thread tap according to the shape, and can be divided into hand tap and machine tap according to the operating environment, and can be divided into metric ta...
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  • What types of milling cutters are commonly used?

      Horizontal milling machine with cylindrical milling cutter Upper machining plane. The cutter teeth are distributed on the circumference of the milling cutter, and are divided into straight teeth and two types according to the tooth shape. There are coarse teeth and fine teeth. The helical coars...
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  • Composition of twist drill

    Composition of twist drill

    The shank is the clamping part of the drill for centering and power transmission; The neck is used for withdrawing the grinding wheel when grinding the drill bit, and the specification and trademark of the drill bit are generally engraved on the neck; The working part of twist drill plays the rol...
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  • Drilling Technology

    Drill bit, as the most common tool in hole processing, is widely used in mechanical manufacturing, especially for the processing of holes in cooling devices, tube sheets of power generation equipment, steam generators and other parts. 1、 Characteristics of drilling The drill bit usually has two ...
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  • What are the structural materials of hollow bits?

    The structure of three combined blades used in the cutting edge, unequal division of tooth pitch Special cemented carbide blades are constant “EST “The three combined blades of unique technology are composed of several external edges, middle edges and internal edges. Each blade only t...
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  • What kind of drill is used to drill steel plates?

    What kind of drill is used to drill steel plates?

    Drill bit is a kind of hardware widely used in our construction machinery. It is used to drill through holes or blind holes on solid materials, and can enlarge existing holes. However, the types of drill bits we choose are different in different operating environments. The commonly used drill bit...
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  • There is little difference between rotry file and milling cutter?

    how to select the section shape of cemented carbide rotary file? The section shape of the carbide rotary file cutter shall be selected according to the shape of the part to be filed, so that the shapes of the two can adapt. When filing the internal are surface, choose a half round file or a roun...
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  • How to Use Carbide Rotary File Correctly?

    How to Use Carbide Rotary File Correctly?

    The full length of the file cutting edge should be used as much as possible. In order to obtain the best stability, the file shall be installed with the minimum extension length. Unnecessary trimming of the cutting edge shall be avoided to prevent damage to the shape of the teeth and peeling of t...
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  • About custom rotary file

    About custom rotary file

    The peak production season in September has arrived. Customized products also increased as scheduled. Share a customized rotary files,this carbide burr is E shape. Customized Cut type: Spiral Cut Dear Customers, if you can provide pictures or customize parameters, we can completely customize prod...
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  • Operating Instructions & Grinding Speed Selection

    Operating Instructions & Grinding Speed Selection

    Operating instructions: Tungsten carbide rotary file is mainly driven by electric tools or pneumatic tools (also can be installed on machine tools), the speed is generally 6000-40000 RPM, the tool should be clamped and clamped properly when used, the cutting direction should move evenly from rig...
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  • Use & Main Features of Carbide Burrs

    Use & Main Features of Carbide Burrs

    Use of carbide burrs: Tungsten carbide rotary file is widely used in machinery, automobile, shipbuilding, chemical industry, craft carving and other industrial departments, the effect is remarkable, the main uses are: (1) finishing all kinds of metal mold cavity, such as shoe mold and so on. (2) ...
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  • Rotary File Tooth Marks And Steel File Indented

    Rotary File Tooth Marks And Steel File Indented

    Rotary file tooth marks-5.18 We all know that in the industry of grinding products, there is a very popular product – carbide rotary file. We follow incomplete statistics. We found that based on incomplete statistics the carbide burr service life is long, which is ten times higher than that...
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