Rotary File Tooth Marks And Steel File Indented

Rotary file tooth marks-5.18

We all know that in the industry of grinding products, there is a very popular product – carbide rotary file. We follow incomplete statistics.

We found that based on incomplete statistics the carbide burr service life is long, which is ten times higher than that of high-speed steel tool and more than 200 times higher than that of alumina grinding wheel. Below are the different tooth shapes we provide according to different grinding requirements.

1.Single-cut burs: Standard cut for general applications.
2.Double-cut burs: Double cut for general purpose use. Improves control and reduces chips.
3.Alu-cut burs: Fast Mill cut for rapid stock removal of softer non-ferrous materials including plastics.



Steel file indented-5.18

If you are interested in making your own crafts, or you need a tool to polish things, then our steel file will meet your needs, according to the tooth pattern, can be divided into four types, namely bastard cut, second cut, smooth cut, dead smooth cut. Mainly according to the different requirements of grinding, need to choose different cut types.



In the picture we can see the three most commonly used dentition patterns.

1.Bastard Cuts is suitable for rough workpiece and preliminary shaping
2.Second Cuts is suitable for machining with a machining allowance greater than 0.5mm. Large cutting volume machining can be carried out to remove the part with more workpiece allowance.
3.Smooth Cuts is suitable for machining with a machining allowance of 0.5-0.1mm. They can be polished carefully to approach the required size of the workpiece.
4.Dead Smmoth Cuts file is the file with the smallest teeth. Its cutting effect is very small. It is mainly used to trim the roughness of the workpiece surface. Used for finishing of workpiece surface.

This is how we distinguish tooth lines.



Post time: Jun-21-2022